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Employee of the Month - August 2014 - Cathy Pangborn
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by Gary Crouch

Service Pillar 16. Under Promise, Over Deliver

- Always be conservative in your estimates and promises; then deliver more than what is expected.


Cathey Pangborn has been working with a great client which we are losing.  Unfortunately for us, Sonic Healthcare has seen great growth and become large enough to require systems which are beyond our capabilities.  The good news is Cathey has been able to assist the Sonic team convert their data for the new systems.  Every project is different and moving data between dissimilar systems will always be challenging.  Each time Cathey is assigned a task she considers the total process.  Keeping the end result in mind, she has consistently planned for not just the completion of her responsibilities, but also of the client’s tasks and the requirements of the new system.


In each phase of the conversion process, Cathey has made sure her time estimates for completion take into consideration the review and modification tasks the customer must also complete prior to the final conversion.  If the time frame for the total process is not adequate, she has communicated the need to adjust time frames to assure success, or provide alternative solutions.  Congratulations Cathey for making real promises while providing far more than required.


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