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Email campaigns are MUCH more that just your subject line
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I attended the monthly meeting of the American Marketing Association, Tulsa Chapter, today. They consistently have outstanding speakers and today was no exception. Jerry Rackley with Demand Metricgave a great presentation about email campaigns and the pitfalls that most marketers don't consider. He went beyond the standard discussion of "your subject line has to be catchy" and "words to avoid in your subject line". He shared some great stats on a survey his firm recently conducted. The average open rate for email campaigns are 19%. If you are marketing to the financial industry, they are least likely to open unrecognized email, while the manufacturing industry has the highest open rate. If you include a click-thru as a call to action, the average click thru is 3.6%. So how to improve this? His primary words of wisdom were to make sure that your email lists are clean and accurate. You can inadvertently wind up in a spam filter for an entire targeted firm if you have a single bad email address. Just because you don't get a bounce back, does NOT mean you have a good email address. The target firm could simply be routing all unknown email addresses to ( to a "catch all" inbox. Did you know that 35% of all email servers do this? On the average 25% of all email addresses expire or become invalid within one year. There are tools and services available to help you clean your email addresses. You should consider doing this annually based on this statistic. Finally, you should check out what your "sending" reputation looks like. Are you emails even getting through? Are you being blacklisted by ISP's? There is a free service that will give you your score at If your score is 90 or above, that is awesome. If you are between 50 and 90, not too bad, but you may need to clean up a few things. If you are below 50, you need to fix your email process before you even attempt to send anything else. For more great information like this, I suggest you join these monthly meetings. If you would like to come as my guest just give me a buzz or shoot me an email.

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