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Do you use the employees social security number as your employee number?
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If so - You could find yourself in BIG TROUBLE With the growing problem of identity theft has emerged a plethora of new Federal and State Legislation. Most of these laws make you, the employer, subject to lawsuit by anyone who can show that it was your negligence that helped in the identity theft. The most important thing you can do is to make the employees Social Security Number (SSN) invisible to all except those who absolutely need to know it. 1.Remove all or most of the SSN from displaying on all the screens in Abra Suite 2.Remove all or most of the SSN from printing on Check Stubs or Direct Deposit Advices 3.Remove all or most of the SSN from all reports and documents except where absolutely necessary 4.Remove all or most of the SSN from your Time Clocks or other time collection systems If you use the SSN as your Employee Number, the above items are almost impossible to correct, and you should re-number your employees as soon as possible. Call your CS3 representative for more information on this subject and to learn how we can help you make these changes almost painless.

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