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Do you offer both a 401(k) and a Roth plan and provide matching funds?
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Abra Suite does not provide a mechanism to monitor two plans for one employee and make sure you are not exceeding the annual limit when providing matching funds on these plans. This problem has come about because more and more employees are choosing to have both a 401k plan and a Roth plan. CS3 Technology has a utility that you can run between Trial and Final payroll runs that checks for overages and changes the match if it will cause the employee to exceed the annual limit. Call your CS3 representative for more information on this very useful utility. BREAKING NEWS – the CS3 Technology 401(k)/Roth matching utility now includes the ability to place the current match and year to date match on your employees Check Stubs or Direct Deposit Advices. If you already have the utility call your CS3 Technology representative to see how you can upgrade your utility to the latest version.

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