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Do You Measure ROR? Return on Relationships!!!!
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I just attended my monthly meeting of the Tulsa Chapter of the American Marketing Association. We had a great speaker today, Paul Wheeler founder of Accent Realtors. He shared not only some great marketing tips, but inspirational ideas on how to build a successful business with daily goal setting, team building, and measuring your business. I always look for one great “take away” at every meeting I attend. Today’s was a gem! Paul measures not only his ROI but his ROR. We all understand that ROI = Return on Investment….make sure your dollars spent return strong value. I had not heard the term ROR = Return on Relationships! Paul measures all the referral business he develops from friends, previous clients, networking, and business relationships. He stated that every conversation you have with each of these people is marketing at its finest when done right. Check out Paul's Website!By the way, if you are not a member of the AMA, I highly recommend it. Each meeting I have attended has been a great educational and networking opportunity for me. Tulsa Chapter AMA!

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