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Do you have a competitive edge?
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By:  Sheri Blaho

I am here in Long Beach at the Acumatica Summit getting great information that will help all our clients.  I sat in a class yesterday that was about marketing.  Regardless of your industry this is relevant information can help you position your firm against your competition.  It is crucial that your clients can differentiate you from your competition.  There are three areas where that occurs:

1.  Product - do you have a unique feature/function/taste/smell that your competition does not possess?  If so you need to emphasis that in all your marketing messages. 

2.  Domain - do you possess knowledge about your clients that surpasses the competition?  Maybe you possess certifications or training that is difficult to achieve.  Maybe you were once in their field and have experience in the "trenches".    This is valuable information to share with your prospective clients that will allow them to select a vendor that truly understands their challenges.

3.  Service - this can be the most difficult to establish a difference.  Everyone claims they give good service.  If you guarantee your services, have a documented method or service model that insures quality this will certainly make a difference to your prospective buyer.  

Your competitive edge will be the strongest if you can articulate ALL THREE OF THESE.    

So here is how we tell our story at CS3:

1.  Product - Acumatica ERP is the fastest growing Web Based solution in the market.  This product lets you have unlimited users, so you can afford to have ALL employees to have access to crucial data.  You can put Acumatica in the cloud for anywhere/anytime access.  Most importantly you can readily tailor Acumatica to reflect your business model.

2.  Domain - CS3 has been implementing ERP solutions for over 20 years.  Two-thirds our our staff are CPA's that understand distribution, financial models, budgeting and forecasting.  Each year EVERY staff member receives at least 20 hours of continuing education in various disciplines including:  warehousing and inventory, software implementations, financial services, technology tools, market strategies.

3.  Service - CS3 is so confident in our skills and methodologies that we offer CS3 Protection Pricing (fixed fee engagements with no surprise endings) and our CS3 Confidence Contract (100% money back if you are not happy).    Our 18 Service Pillars outlines the standards for quality services and are adopted by every team member at CS3. you give it a whirl.  You will find all your marketing messages will clearly distinguish you from your competion when you have taken the time to identify what makes your company unique. 

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