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Diet for Dollars
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Happy New Year!

As 2011 kicks off and all the New Year's resolution zealots are hard at work on their individual goals, I started thinking about mine. As usual, for the past 30+ years, I vowed to take better care of my physical self...more exercise, less wine, more rest, less ice cream, etc. As any of you who can't eat an entire chocolate cake and drop a couple of pounds can attest, getting in shape is a miserable way to start the new year, but many of us need to do just that. It has been documented by many wellness experts that a healthier employee group reduces health insurance bills, creates a happier work environment and promotes a more positive outlook overall.

I started thinking about what motivates the majority of people and after re-reading many of my past articles, realized it is pretty broad. I do know, however, that $$$$ is a huge motivator for just about everyone, so long as the task at hand isn't totally miserable. Now I know that you are probably thinking that losing weight falls pretty close to miserable, but deep down you know it is a GOOD thing. Anyway, we decided to kick off a Diet for Dollars contest at the office to help motivate the group. It will begin on Monday, January 10, 2011 and run for 12 weeks. Here is how it works:

  • In order to participate in Diet for Dollars, an entry fee of $10 will be collected and the starting weight will be logged in the master contest spreadsheet (kept under lock and key by an extremely trustworthy, tight lipped administrator). Every participant will be required to do this the morning the contest begins. The entry fee will be held in the Prize Pool to be distributed at the end of the contest period. In addition, CS3 will contribute $75 for the first 5 participants and an additional $10 per participant to the overall prize pot.

  • Each week, the participants will be weighed on the same scale and their new (and hopefully much reduced) weight will be logged on the master spreadsheet. Remote employees who wish to participate can submit a picture of the scale weight (along with their toes on the scale) to the contest administrator...we are working under the honor system here.

  • Fines / penalties will be assessed to anyone who does not lose weight during the week. All fines will be collected at the end of the contest and added to the total prize pot. Fines are as follows:

o No fine if there is a loss

o $1.00 if the weight remains the same

o $2.00 if there is a weight gain

  • Every 4 weeks, the Administrator will give everyone a progress report - don't celebrate too much, or the next weigh in could be ugly!

  • Once the 12 week contest period ends, the final weigh in will be logged, total weight loss percentages will be calculated, any fines/penalties will be collected and the total prize pot verified.
  • In order to share in the prize money, a participant must lose at least 5% of their beginning weight (i.e. 150 lbs must lose at least 7 ½ lbs in 12 weeks). The highest percentage will win 50% of the prize money, 2nd place will take home 25% and the remaining 25% will be divided equally among the remaining participants that achieved a 5% or higher loss.

That's it! Easy as pie - or should we say 'easy as an apple'. I will keep you posted each month as to our "incredible shrinking" efforts. In the meantime, why don't you Diet for Dollars at your company and let me know how it goes!

Christine Luttrell Queen of Fun!

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