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December Employee of the Month - Brandi Clymer
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By:  Sheri Blaho

Brandi Clymer has been selected as employee of the month for December.  She recently assisted a client with the analysis of an upgrade to their existing Sage Abra Payroll and the addition of several new modules.  This client has a large, complex HR and Payroll department with the opportunity for many areas of improvement.  The investment  of time and resources will be substantial.  Because of the trusted relationship Brandi has developed with the client, their decision was made much easier.  

Brandi has consistently exemplified our 15th Service Pillar "Protect Your Integrity" - Be truthful, even when the message is hard for your client to hear.  Be reliable.    The client knew that the advice and recommendations that Brandi suggested was in their best interest.  She consistently treats all clients with respect, both for their position and their time.

As a result, this client will make an investment during their payroll migration to incorporate additional modules.  This will yield improvements several other operations in their HR department.

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