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December's "Exhibit Professionalism At All Times" 18 Essential Behavior Winner
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Congratulations to

Bill Turner, Human Resources Director, Valir Health
(applause, applause, applause, applause) Here is what was submitted with Bill’s nomination: I have worked with Bill Turner on numerous Abra sales engagements over the past few years. Through each of the transactions and sales processes, Bill has been courteous and professional, always keeping the best interests of his team and company in the forefront of the decision process, while ensuring CS3 Technology is treated respectfully at all times regardless of a positive or negative sales decision. Recently, Bill completed an implementation of HR Actions for his department. We closed the project with a traditional closing meeting which allows both the client and CS3 team to discuss the project, identify open issues, learn from any mistakes, strive for improvement in processes and talk candidly about the overall product / project experience. We had a great meeting with Bill. He was enthusiastic, complimentary, informative and respectful, even when discussing some minor technical issues that could have caused some real problems during implementation. There was no finger pointing or blame, just an opportunity to learn for next time. Having clients like Valir Health, and the joy of working with professionals like Bill Turner, makes my job that much more fun. Thanks, Bill for being a true HR professional! Way to go, Bill. Your artwork is on the way. Keep up the good work. Just a reminder…get those nominations in for the 3rd behavior – “Demonstrate Success”

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