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Data for Decision Making with Mayor G.T. Bynum
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I had the great pleasure of hearing our new mayor, G. T. Bynum, speak at the Tulsa IMA Monthly meeting at the Tulsa Country Club. Addressing this room of Tulsa business leaders and financial professionals, Mayor Bynum spoke about his plans to foster growth for Tulsa. His 3 part plan is to improve the quality of life in Tulsa (to attract and retain top talent for business), address the crime rate (by increasing the number officers allowing them to do more community outreach), and providing more support to public education.

These are great and familiar topics but what I really appreciated about his approach was using data for decision making and seeing what has worked for other cities our size. As then candidate G.T. Bynum was fond of saying while running for mayor and at the beginning of his IMA talk, Tulsa was one of the best cities in the world at the turn of the 20th century; but in the past few years, we have seen stagnation in growth and wealth. Should the current and planned policies have their intended impact, we should start to see some positive changes despite the recent hit we took in the oil market.

All political views aside, one thing every leader should be doing is looking at the available data to make informed decisions. As a technology professional I couldn't agree more. We have more information than ever before and if our technological trends continue, the amount is only going to grow exponentially. How we use data for our decisions, whether we're running a city or a business, will determine our success.

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