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CS3 Technology Moves Away from Billing by the Hour with New Customer Service Options
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Fixed fee engagements come with a moneyback guarantee and access agreements are designed for customers to select a plan that works for their business. CS3 Technology, a professional knowledge firm specializing in the sales, installation, and support of ERP and HRMS solutions, is pleased to announce the move away from billing their customers by the hour with two new offerings. For customers investing in major system implementations, CS3 offers a fixed fee with a money back guarantee of satisfaction. Also, current customers supported by CS3 will be introduced to new CS3 SERV plans. The CS3 SERV plan will allow customers to select the level of service access their business requires. "We realized we are in the problem solving business. To be fairer to our customers and to create more value for them, we needed to focus on their issues and move away from the focus of billing them by the hour,"said Gary Crouch, CS3 Technology's president". "Businesses are intent on achieving a return on each investment. We make sure we fully understand our customer's business needs before giving them an exact price for a project. Customers definitely understand the advantage of working with us when they see our commitment to providing ROI and backing it up with a satisfaction-based guarantee." CS3 Technology also has rolled out their CS3 SERV plans. These plans are access agreements designed to assist customers to keep their business management systems operating most effectively. Customers can choose which of the four plans best fit their support needs. The plans are built around solving problems, not billing hours. "We heard that customers weren ft always calling when they had a small issue or question because they didn't want to be billed for the time," said Gary. "What was happening in some cases was the small issue turned into a bigger problem, which ended up being more expensive in the end to fix. The CS3 SERV annual plan allows customers to call when they need help without an additional fee. This type of plan is like insurance and encourages calling before something little becomes something big. Also, all of our plans include an annual system review where we review the customer.s systems and make sure they are operating correctly." The VIP level access plan includes business consulting with a CS3 Technology executive to help plan for future strategic technology needs. "We want our customers to receive value out of their system and their relationship with CS3 Technology," said Gary. "We believe by changing how we bill our customers, we will increase the value we are able to provide."

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