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CS3 SERV Plan is not a Support Plan
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By: Sheri Blaho

It has been two years now since CS3 introduced our SERV Access Plans.  The customers that elected to go on plan could not be any happier!    Here is what some of them have had to say:

  •      "We appreciate the quick response and personal service” – O-Tex Pumping

      •      “We know issues will be take care of because time is of the essence“– Consumer Testing

      •      “We like the one set price for all yearly diagnostics…peace of mind” – Win Systems

      •      “We don’t have the educate the consultant that responds….they know how the software works for us” – Financial Equipment Corporation

This plan is NOT a replacement to your Sage Annual Maintenance Plan.  The Sage plans primarily insure that you will get all the latest updates to software.  

The CS3 SERV Plan will save your company time and money by:
  1.      Reviewing your system to insure it is running at top performance 
  2.      Quickly answering your staff questions 
  3.      Providing a fixed fee plan

Check out our website to get more information about the CS3 SERV Access Plans

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