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CS3 Lauches On-Demand Webinars
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By: Sheri Blaho


You spoke!  We listened!


The amount of information that is available today via the internet and virtual meetings is just incredible.  Valuable webinars are available everyday, but not necessarily at a time that is convenient for your schedule.   


CS3 has launched our On-Demand Webinars as part of our "Tech Knowledgy" Service Center.  The first of many webinars was posted today.  This 45 minute educational presentation, The 5 Golden Levers, covers crucial information for healthcare providers.  In today's business environment with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, healthcare providers must step us to managing costs more effectively to insure profitability.


Shawn Slavin covers the "how and why" of financial measurements that firms should implement in their operations.  These are fundamentally no different than the measurements that have been employed by the service and distribution industries.  With a few modifications and utilizing available data in your Practice Management software, Shawn discusses how you can pinpoint areas of improvement in your operations.  


Take a bit of you time, as your schedule allows and check  out this webinar.



Shawn is the developer of Stat-Connect, a financial modeling tool that is offered by CS3. 



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