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CS3 Annual Company Meeting
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In their commitment to keeping our company focused on growth, employee satisfaction and transparency, the CS3 Technology management team hosted our annual company retreat recently. This two day event, held at the beautiful Post Oak Lodge in Tulsa, OK was action packed with fun activities, great discussion, new strategic and visionary initiatives, and a sense of teamwork all the way around. The meeting kicked off with a team building exercise where each group created a “Vision Board” of what the desired workplace would look like moving forward. These collages included pictures, words, ideas, dreams etc. of a culture very similar to what we currently have, with some additional great ideas for management to take away and consider incorporating in our day to day environment. We continued with a comprehensive financial review along with discussion around the impact of the many firm changes that were implemented over the last 10 months, including a change to our engagement pricing model from hourly billing to fixed fee, the rollout of the CS3 SERV plan to our clients, personnel changes and reorganization, and the introduction of our 100% money back guarantee policy. These initiatives have not only been great for CS3, but for our overall client satisfaction as well. The day continued with another team building event where each team had to build an “egg protection” device from a random group of materials that would protect the egg during a drop from a 6 foot ladder – watch the videos on our website, a lively discussion around strategic objectives for the upcoming year, as well as a review of our Vision and Values. The first day was wrapped up with a family event at Andy B’s for a friendly bowling competition – Sheri Blaho will be joining the pro bowlers circuit shortly – and a celebration of our success with the Tour de Cure fundraising event earlier this year. Day two kicked off with a “bidding” exercise for real cash to understand our teams aversion to risk, competitive style, and collaboration efforts as well as a couple of hours of brainstorming on the road ahead and what we can be doing better as a company to serve our clients. Stay tuned for some great ideas!! We wrapped up a long couple of days with some employee awards – Congratulations to Sheri Blaho, recipient of the 2013 President’s Award, Brandi Clymer for the Community Service Award, Beth Welch for the Personal Achievement Award and Jim Scheithauer, recipient of our first Employee of the month award. Well done! Although we spent the weekend away from our families, we will be better for it. Our clients will benefit from our plans, our employees will benefit from the effort and our company will continue to thrive and be the best it can be moving in to the year ahead.

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