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CS3's Judy Stanfield shares her Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon experience.
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Last Fall Jeff, my fiancé and I, joined a new running club. What began as a way for us to get out of the house for some exercise as the cold winter months would force everyone indoors; turned into another way for us to stay fit and active while meeting a lot of new people. We ran all winter – even in the freezing cold wind. Our club meets every Saturday morning at 6:30am at Davinci’s coffee house - a favorite by all. By January, we picked up the pace quite a bit as we/the club began serious training for our first half marathon race. We’ve both had experience running in 5K (3.1 miles) races in Tulsa several times – but the Oklahoma City Half Marathon (13.1 miles) would be a brand new experience for us both. We were anxious and excited. However, we weren’t quite prepared though for what came the day of the race on Sunday, May 1, 2011 in Downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


There was thunder, lighting and lots of cold rain until about mile 8. By mile 9 my legs were numb and my shoes felt like bricks. I think they weighed an extra 5lbs each after having to line-up at the start and running in constant rain. I was SO tired of the rain! My entire body was shivering. At the 9 mile water-stop they were giving out GU Gel packs. I sure did need them. I couldn’t tear the tops off the tiny packs and keep running because my hands were so cold they were like “clubs”…Ugh!. But Jeff was there to help with them -thank God. All throughout the race, Ug!t we kept hearing volunteers and people in the neighborhoods, shouting, “Let's Go! You’re almost there!! Then finally at mile 11, I heard another volunteer shout out NO MORE HILLS! We heard so many people saying, “GO! GO! GO and cheering us on. My legs were shaking, and both of us were completely soaked from head to toe. The temperature remained at 39-40F throughout the entire race. BUT WE DID IT! We Finished!!!!

My official time was 2:42:34 –and Jeff’s was 2:49:44 (take off 20 minutes for all the bathroom breaks)… not at all the times we were hoping for, but we’re looking forward to the race next year and beating our times. Hopefully next year we won’t have to contend with the Tsunami-like conditions of this years’ race. It was such an AWESOME feeling when I crossed the finish line… I’ll never forget. They were giving out FREE Carl's JR cheeseburgers just 50 feet from the finish line…I couldn't believe we waited in line for a burger at a time like this!!! My entire body wouldn’t stop shivering and all I wanted to do was get back to my hotel room and out of the cold and rain. At one point I thought I’d bit a hole through my lower lip as I was shivering so much on the walk back to the hotel. The rain was still coming down and I was so glad to be done.










Video of the FINISH LINE!!!


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