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Congratulations to three CS3 team members for April Employee of the Month –
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Apparently the 3 in CS3 stands for Brandi Clymer, Chris Luttrell and Sheri Blaho


Each month CS3 recognizes an employee for delivering outstanding service. A team of three employees are being honored in April for exemplifying the third of our 18 Service Pillars: Demonstrate Success.


brandi sheri chris


They assisted a client with a very complex software selection project that affected each employee of this new client. Every piece of software needed to be replaced in the HR and Payroll department – including recruiting, HR, time collection, employee self-service, payroll and performance management. This could have been an overwhelming decision for the client.


But Brandi Clymer, Sheri Blaho and Chris Luttrell worked together through every step of the software evaluation process demonstrating how the software and improved business processes would insure a solution that would allow the clients’ HR and Payroll department to better serve each employee and meet the overall goals of their organization. The CS3 team invested days with the client in a discovery and documentation process outlining what the successful solution would look like. The CS3 team then invested ample time with the client to review the individual components of the software in a series of demonstrations of Sage HRMS.


This new client clearly saw what success will look like at the end of their project. Congratulations to Brandi, Sheri and Chris – job well done.


Service Pillar Three: Demonstrate Success -Success is always measured against the client's written objectives and can only be achieved when it is demonstrated to the client. Always insure acknowledgment is communicated up and down throughout the client's organization.

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