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Congratulations to Cathey Pangborn - June Employee of the Month
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Nominated by: Linda Hollingsworth

I would like to nominate Cathey Pangborn for Employee of the Month based upon her demonstration of Pillar #2 - Exhibit Professionalism at All Times, as well as Pillar #12 - Communicate. 

Cathey has always maintained the highest levels of professionalism in her interaction and communications with clients. This includes the way in which she communicates with clients re: project status. Cathey has been providing weekly email updates to our OHFA team members with a summary snapshot of what was achieved the prior week as well as what the new week’s objectives will be. This allows us to both celebrate successes as well as recognize any challenges that may have occurred. It also helps to direct the team’s focus toward the next week’s priorities.

These summary emails not only ensure a joint understanding/discussion of project status, but also help to bring a sense of calmness and assurance to the project. I commend Cathey for taking the time at the end of a busy week to take stock, summarize what was/wasn’t accomplished, and put a positive foot forward as to the coming week’s plans. Hats off to Cathey!

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