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Congratulations Tina: April Service Pillar Award Winner
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Service Pillar Award


Tina is a relative “newbie” to the business world as compared to the majority of us at CS3. With her generation comes a different, yet powerful perspective on sharing knowledge, ideas, and media. In order to be successful at getting your message across so it is not only heard, but absorbed, is a huge undertaking. To make it effective you must Know Your Audience – Know to whom you are speaking, but do not talk up or down to anyone. Treat everyone's time and position with respect .


Based on the nomination write up below, Tina obviously knows our audience.


Tina has come into the organization at the beginning of her career. She accepted a broad variety and many very complex tasks that most people could not execute with nearly the results that she has achieved. As Sheri was gathering information for her review, she came across this one specific example in LinkedIn. This is one of the more difficult social platforms to gain traction. Look here how we compare to some of the competition that LinkedIn’s Algorithm found. She has moved CS3 to 225 FB , 205 LinkedIn, and 425 Twitter followers. Since we are in the business of knowledge transfer, being “heard” means nailing it with Social.



Plus Altec used Tina’s usage of Twitter during our SmartTalks as an example of how to use it correctly at the ITA Social Media breakout session recently.

Tina, your diligence in pushing relevant, engaging content out to our audience is impressive, and I, along with the rest of the CS3 team, thank you for building awareness of who we are.


Congratulations to our April Service Pillar Award winner!

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