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Congratulations Terry Johnson for September Employee of the Month
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Nominated by: Gary Crouch 


Terry is experienced in tax preparation and research. However, many times change happens without any notice. A letter ruling or a judge’s ruling is often all it takes to change tax practice for everyone.

Terry is saving our Oklahoma customers thousands in sales tax each month. Recently she ran across an article regarding the definition of software for sales tax not including downloaded software in another state. Terry got curious and began researching Oklahoma law and found a couple of letter rulings from the Oklahoma Tax Commission. It seems that sales tax is generally charged on the sale of personal property which is considered physical property. The Commission determined software downloaded from the web is not physical property, and thus not personal property, and finally, not subject to sales tax. A software sale of $30k would mean over $2,500 in sales tax which our customers now don’t have to pay.

Thank you Terry for looking for improvements and making it more affordable for our customers and more profitable for CS3.

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