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Congratulations Mary Anne: Service Pillar Award Winner
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All of our team members at CS3 really love to help our clients. After all, it is our job as consultants to assist when needed. However, when one of our clients takes the time to send a personalized note of thanks for doing our job, you know you are appreciated.



Mary Anne was the recipient of one such thank you for an emergency fix for MTM Recognition. She consistently takes service pillar 16 – Under Promise, Over Deliver - to–heart and goes above and beyond for our valued clients. Apparently, Sandy Harris at MTM tried to do some “consulting” on her own, had some issues and called in the A-team, or should I say the MAG-team to fix the problem. Here is what Sandy has to say about Mary Anne:



Thank you so much for your help this week in uninstalling and reinstalling our software and data.

When Sage released the update notice with the report to check direct deposit info, I checked and felt pretty good about it. Boy was that short-lived!
I am so thankful for you and your team!

Hope you have a great holiday weekend! - Sandy



Mary Anne, not only do our clients appreciate your diligence and hard work, we all do as well! Keep up the good work.

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