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Congratulations Mary Anne, July Employee of the Month!
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Each of CS3’s 18 Service Pillars set the standard for quality service and support for our clients. An important element of consulting is transferring valuable knowledge, which is Service Pillar #4. Mary Anne Giezentanner excelled in several areas with her recent presentation for our monthly user group meeting, CS3 SmartTalks. Mary Anne bravely took the task as the first presenter at the debut of SmartTalks. She tackled a topic (Affordable Care Act) which required a great amount of research as the guidelines are still evolving.

Her presentation was very professional, thorough, and clear. Service Pillar #3, Exhibit Professionalism at All Times, was reflected by Mary Anne in her calmness and assuring the clients that CS3 will be able to assist our them as they navigate these new reporting requirements.

Additionally, she developed content was spot-on insuring each attendee’s time was treated with respect. She developed her presentation with a clear understanding of who her audience was and how to address them. This is the heart of Service Pillar #9, Know Your Audience.

Mary Anne set a great example for the rest of CS3 to follow as we continue our monthly virtual meetings. The feedback from all attendees confirm that Mary Anne lead us to success with our first meeting. Three Service Pillars exemplified in one nomination….that is a record!

Nominated by: Sheri Blaho

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