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Congratulations Mary Anne Giezentanner: April Employee of the Month
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Nomination Submitted by Christine Luttrell:

Congratulations to Mary Anne Giezentanner, CS3 Technology’s newest addition to the HRMS Consulting group, for showing us what it really means to Engage in Knowledge Transfer.

Working with Mary Anne when she was the HR Director for a company that we implemented Sage HRMS for, we knew she was something special. She was energetic, hardworking, funny, an over achiever and sharp as a tack. When she decided a career shift was in her future, she approached CS3 because she loved the idea of helping others with HRMS technology projects and respected the team we had in place doing just that. A few months ago, we got lucky…she signed her employment contract and jumped right in.

Although Mary Anne is new to CS3, it is obvious she is well versed in the products and services we offer. As an end user, she embraced the full suite that Sage HRMS had to offer, recognizing the benefit it brought to her company and her employees. As a consultant, she is the perfect teacher because she can share her experiences with the client using real world scenarios, both good and bad.

One of her first outside client interactions was with a great customer in the Dallas area. They were trying to determine if HR Actions would truly work for what they were specifically wanting to do. Like most successful companies, they are conscientious of their spending, and wanted “proof” that this would work for them before they made the purchase. Mary Anne spent several hours with them playing with the software, letting them test drive the product, explaining how she used to use it and answering all their questions. She provided the sense of assurance they needed to ultimately make the best decision for them. The client said, “thanks to Mary Anne, we are convinced the system is what we need and should help us quite a bit. One of the things that I really liked is hearing how she had used it when she was a customer.”

Way to go Mary Anne. Keep sharing the knowledge!

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