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Congratulations Jim for November Employee of the Month
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Nominated by: Brandi Clymer

Some projects are easier than others. Recently Jim had a project that was difficult due to the volume of employers in the project. With 40+ employers going live over a 2 week period that consisted of preparing the data for conversion, conversion, balancing conversion, running the payrolls, and all the details that go with a payroll. It was a lot to get coordinated and done in a short time frame. That meant lots of late nights and early mornings for Jim and the team. Just like every go live something you do not expect will pop up, no matter how much testing you do during parallels. During this project Jim faced lots of adversity and challenges, but by projecting a positive attitude and lots of hard work the whole project team brought this one into completion. Jim, thank you for all the hard work you put into this project.

Congratulations to both Jim and to the entire project team for all their hard work to make this go live successful!

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