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Congratulations Darrell for August Employee of the Month
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Nominated by: Scott Kroh


Recently, Darrell Scott was assisting a client with a support case. The contact he was working with was a new IT manager that did not have a lot of experience with Sage software. As always, Darrell took the time to ask questions, listen, evaluate, fix and then educate the end user on what had occurred.

But Darrell didn’t stop there. He went a little bit further to share information about the CS3 SERV Access Plan and the value it would provide. The contact immediately saw the value of the SERV program based on the great support he had just experienced.

As a result, the IT manager from this client requested a SERV agreement and has presented to upper management for approval. I believe Darrell demonstrated the CS3 Pillar of “Looking for Improvements”. He identified that this client was not on a SERV Access Plan and helped them see a need that they were not be aware of.

For this I’d like to nominate Darrell Scott for Employee of the Month!

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