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Community Action Project Creates Order from Chaos with eRequester
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[caption id="attachment_1880" align="alignnone" width="300"] Order From Chaos Order From Chaos[/caption] Last week, we met with our client, Community Action Project of Tulsa County, to review two recently completed projects. The first was the implementation of a cloud based purchasing solution called eRequester which is provided by Paperless Business Systems. The second was the implementation of several new workflows and some existing Sage 100 features to assist in streamlining processes and gaining efficiencies.   The eRequester product assists Community Action in allowing employees, both at headquarters and based in the field, to access this web solution to request items for purchase. eRequester then provides workflow assistance by routing the purchase requisition to the necessary approval levels, and then to the purchasing department for conversion to a purchase order to be submitted to the vendor. When invoices are received from the vendor, they are associated with the purchase order in eRequester, and then through the use of the Sage 100 Visual Integrator module are imported directly into Sage 100 for posting.   Some of the new workflows implemented also used the Visual Integrator module to streamline processes in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable through elimination of manual entry and duplication of efforts. In addition, Community Action began to utilize the Bank Reconciliation module to allow for a more efficient process in reconciliation of cash accounts by taking advantage of some of its tools such as Auto Check Reconciliation and Positive Pay.   Both projects were very successful and the team at Community Action Project is excited to continue improving operations through implementation of new solutions, as well as utilizing tools that are already owned in a more efficient manner. Thank you to the entire team at Community Action for working hand in hand with us to make these projects so enjoyable and rewarding. At the end of each of of our projects, the team members celebrate after our Closing Meeting.  Pictured from left to right in thier "NO Chaos" t-shirts are: Pat Douthitt, Melanie Laster, Linda Rowell, Shakira Brauchie, Arlene Gray, Debbie Hoppis, Elizabeth Murphy, Gloria Standeford (dark hair in back), Sheri Johnson (curly hair), Debra Barnett, Beth Welch, Robin Tai

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