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Common HR Scenarios for Sage Alerts
Published on by Jessica Morency in Human Resources, White Papers


Sage HRMS Alerts & Workflow by Vineyardsoft is like a silent HR Assistant that will monitor your HR data for critical, time-sensitive conditions and alert the correct people at the correct time to those items that require attention. But it’s more than just reminders. Alerts & Workflow can also automate your HR inbox or generate and send those recurring reports on a pre-defined schedule. It can automate your new hire and termination workflows, make you aware of date-sensitive conditions like new hires or certifications that are about to expire. It can monitor for data changes to things like pay rates or benefits or for thresholds such as employees with excessive overtime or training classes with too few attendees. It can make you aware of exceptions to normal processing such as excessive pay rate increases or employees who have failed drug tests or of things that have not happened – but should have like potential hires who have not been interviewed or visas that have not been renewed. It can ensure data integrity by checking to see if phone numbers have the correct number of digits, or that reviews have been fully completed for example. This powerful tool is also capable of trend Analysis such as an employee whose absenteeism has increased or decreased by a certain percent over a certain time period and checking for data Inconsistencies like an employee on vacation next week who’s also scheduled for an appointment during that same time. And all of this is done without manual intervention and it will maintain an online history of events, alerts and executed workflows that can be very helpful during audits.

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