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Commitment Pays Dividends
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by Shawn Slavin 

Tonight, one of my team members stuck his head in my office at 5:07 pm to wish me a good night.  I know this kind of thing happens around the globe on a nightly basis.  What makes this unusual is that this was Darrell Scott saying good night at 5:07 pm.  For Darrell, that’s not just early, it’s WAY early!  He is a night owl, committed to delivering services to our customers in a timely manner no matter what.


You see, tonight is a special night.  Darrell is the Scout Master of a Boy Scout Troop here in Tulsa and tonight they are holding an Eagle Ceremony for one of the young men in the Troop.  This represents the 80th boy in the history of the Troop to reach the highest rank possible in the Boy Scouts.  Even more impressive is this the 20th young man to reach Eagle under Darrell’s tenure as Scout Master.


This is amazingly awesome to me.  While other people may have reached loftier goals or gained fame and fortune from their endeavors, here is the most unassuming guy you could ever meet, leading the youth of our city to be better citizens and better leaders.  No fanfare.  No glory.  No big reward.  Just doing what’s right because it’s what he loves to do.


What makes this even better is that the sons who pulled him into Scouting are now grown and have ‘aged out’ of the scouting program.  Yet, Darrell continues give of his time to lead the young men in his Troop.  He is helping them to set goals, learn skills, gain an appreciation for the out-of-doors, challenge themselves to accomplishing things they never thought possible, overcome adversity, and experience life in a positive way.  This is the true spirit of volunteerism.  One where you forget that you are volunteering and just keep doing it because you love what you do and who you do it for.


Darrell’s commitment is paying dividends within his Troop.  Even nicer; we as a community get to enjoy the rewards from his efforts as the young men continue to progress and advance in life.


Well done Darrell.





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