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Cleaning up the American Way - CDC Larue Supports Local Economy
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The philosophy of the McCutchen family is “Buy American”. They have found the key to building and selling an award winning product line of industrial vacuum systems while supporting the US and Oklahoma economy. After years of working with overseas suppliers, they now source all components used in their manufacturing process within the US. They found the boost in quality far exceeded any savings with foreign suppliers, according to Chris McCutchen, VP of Sales and Marketing and son of the founder. Chris stated that “we enjoy working with all US based firms because they share the same business ethics as CDC Larue”. This Tulsa based firm has cornered the market on industrial vacuum systems. Their patented systems far exceed the EPA requirements for air quality at construction sites and industrial usage. This is accomplished with a unique “self cleaning vacuum”. This helps their 12,000 customers in two ways: they maintain superior work conditions with cleaner air and they maximize productivity because they do not have to stop to clean the vacuums routinely. Since 2008 they have added 3 new product lines and have been recognized as the most innovative product in the World of Concrete organization. David McCutchen, President, started the business in 2003. His varied background gave him the specific skills needed to capture this marketplace. He utilized his biomedical electronic background for the technical part of the business. Surprisingly, this electrical engineer is quite the artist, utilizing his sculpting abilities with the design and general concept of the vacuums. David says “after 8 months of building prototypes using my sculpting skills, I designed a system with a back flush filter using ambient air along with lower pressure that creates a cyclonic effect that cleans the filter while in use.” The “American Way” philosophy is deeply rooted in David’s background. He obtained his social security card when he was 9 years old. By age 15, he was running a gas station for “Sarge”, an Okinawa survivor who was an early mentor for David. After David’s service in the US Navy, he paid his way through college and obtained a degree in electrical engineering. He then readily moved into an entrepreneurial role, starting and selling several businesses over the years.

Jo McCutchen, CFO and wife of David, insures the ongoing financial stability of the organization. They operate on a zero debt philosophy. Jo currently uses Sage Peachtree supported by CS3 Technology to manage the financial side of this successful business and is looking forward to continued growth of the company.

            Submitted by: Sheri Blaho, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CS3 Technology

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