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Claiming the Cloud
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For those not familiar with “the cloud,” the term describes a kind of virtual data storage area that has no real physical base of operations – which makes for an interesting concept when storing information about people’s money. Cloud-based accounting has numerous benefits over traditional accounting, foremost among them being its lower cost. Doing business in the cloud usually means overhead expenses like rent and maintenance are lower.

Is cloud computing secure? If done correctly, yes. In fact, cloud computing offers a level of physical and electronic security that an on-site server or a locked file cabinet can’t begin to approach. Because they can operate with large economies of scale, data centers can be surprisingly affordable, offering even smaller firms a level of security far beyond what they could achieve on their own. But all data centers are not created equal, so it’s important to be sure that the one you choose can adequately protect your data. The data center you choose should offer the following:


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