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Christmas Traditions At Work
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Traditions are what make the holidays. I love hearing about the special things that families do. One girlfriend spends all Christmas Eve visiting her friends dropping off homemade cinnamon rolls that are ready for the oven! But the traditions at work are just as wonderful. Here at CS3 we have several. Our VP of Software Services, Shawn Slavin, has a collection of Christmas ties. He displays a unique tie every day of December. Not to be outdone, I have a collection of Christmas earrings and stand toe-to-toe with Shawn's tie display. We also have a Cookie Exchange at the office the last day before the holiday begins. Each employee brings 4 dozens of their single favorite recipe. We meet in the conference room, exchange with each other and leave with a variety 4 dozen of the most yummy cookies EVER! A few years ago, we opted to not send our clients gifts at the holiday. Instead, Gary Crouch, our president, gives each employee money to purchase Toys for Tots. This allows every family of CS3 to participate in a great charity. The gifts are given on behalf of our wonderful clients. We would love to hear what your firm does to celebrate the holidays.

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