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Christmas Every Day in December
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By:  Sheri Blaho

For years  Shawn Slavin  and I have tried to add a bit of excitement to the software implementation world with our  holiday traditions. 

Shawn has a huge collection of Christmas ties, wearing a unique one each and every business day.  Some are "Santa Happy" and others tout Rudolph.  Regardless of the character the world of business application software and consulting was just dusted with a bit of fun and fancy.

Not to be outdone, I break out my collection of over 50 Holiday Earrings.  I wear a different pair every day......including Saturdays and Sundays and therefore I proclaim myself the winner in this holiday costuming contest.    It certainly makes selling HRMS and ERP software more fun, although it may not be any easier.

Well, HO! HO! HO!  Keep an eye on Facebook as we push up the pictures of our respective collections.  Anyone else out there up for the challenge?  I think we need someone with a sweater collection, socks or stocking caps!

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