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Cathey Pangborn Takes the Plunge with CS3
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By:  Sheri Blaho

Welcome aboard Cathey!

Cathey Pangborn has been working with CS3 for the last eight years as a contracted consultant assisting our HR and Payroll clients.   She accepted the position of Senior Consultant as a full time CS3 employee this week and we could not be happier!  

Cathey brings years of experience that dates back to the 1990's.  She started her career early on in the recruiting industry.    She also had an opportunity in those days to assist with the implementation of a system in a user role.  The combination of the two jobs was the spark that ignited a career as a business consultant with HR and Payroll software tools.

Cathey will continue to operate as a remote or "virtual" employee, as do many of the CS3 team members, from her home office in Newark, Ohio.  She will also carry on uninterrupted support with  her current CS3 clients.  Cathey can make Sage HRMS and Sage Abra software not only tap dance but occasionally do a back flip!  She also has valuable experience in SaaS based recruiting software.  

Cathy has two children, son Ty and daughter Callie.  Her husband teaches ninth grade science.  The four of them along with the two family dogs live a blissful life her Newark hometown.  

You should check out her Bio page on CS3 About Us site.  She is quite the Gal! 

(877) 496-1600

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