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By:  Sheri Blaho

Today's software buyer comes to the market well informed.  They understand who most of the key software publishers are in the marketplace.  They have participated in the selection and implementation of software before.  So what is the role that firms like CS3 need to play to help today's purchaser?

Understanding the internal cost to solve (or not to solve) the problem is the area we find most lacking in the evaluation process.   It is important to place a value with each key area of impact.   This allows the buyer to prioritize each problem in terms of ROI.   Because software has many modules, options or customization, the buyer can then determine which options make sense for investment.

Additionally, many of the problem areas identified during the evaluation phase are not always readily solved with by simply purchasing software.  Many times business processes need to be redesigned.  Then a determination of necessary software can be addressed with greater clarity.

The best technology consulting firms understand that the order of events needs to be:
1.  Discovery Phase
2.  Cost Evaluation of Key Issues
3.  Design/Redesign of Business Processes
4.  Software Reviews (now it is time to see a demo)
5.  Gap Fit Analysis
6.  Purchase

This is standard practice at CS3 Technology

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