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By:  Sheri Blaho

Business Process Redesign begins with the evaluation your current operation's critical processes.  Each process is mapped and analyzed to identify major gaps.  We then work together with the key players on your team to define methodologies that close gaps and improve effectiveness.  During our standard implementations this frequently must be done in certain areas where the installation of software has spotlighted obvious short fallings.   While this may achieve success in isolated functional areas, there are typically other key parts of the organization that may not be directly affected by the implementation of the new software and will not be reviewed for improvements.

This is not our preferred approach to helping clients improve their overall operations, but this is all too often the expectation of the client:  Convert data, train on the new system, make adjustments to business process if needed, go live, and then wrap it up!

I recently called on a client that is suffering from what I call "Excel Hell".  Spreadsheets are rampant in every department.  Critical data is not visible to all staff members, excessive manual tasks shore up a lack of well defined methodologies.  The client thinks that all they need is new ERP software.  In fact, the software they have is just a capable as any of the software they are considering.   In actuality, they need to evaluate all their processes determining where integrations, custom reports, maximization of existing ERP  and changes in methodologies need to be implemented.

Our most successful clients are those that begin with an engagement for Business Process Redesign.  At the end of this project, the exact requirements of  software tools can be clearly defined.  Evaluation of any additional software needs becomes a simple step at that point.

Let's get the horse in front of the cart!  Business Process Redesign first, then tools second.

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