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Builiding your Brand with LinkedIn
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As you may know, LinkedIn is becoming the largest professional network in the world. Once thought of as just a network for recruiters and job seekers it has evolved into much more. It is now considered a platform that both companies and professionals can utilize to highlight their expertise, connect with prospects, promote brand recognition and yes close business. If you are not utilizing this powerful business tool here are a few suggestions on how to get started. After you’ve setup an account begin connecting with customers, vendors, colleagues, prospects and anyone else you engage with professionally. Connecting with someone is just a few clicks away. If you have a contact’s name and e-mail that’s all you need. Use the search function, find their profile on LinkedIn and send them the invite. Now that you have setup a profile and started adding connections you are ready for recommendations. This works the same way as sending an invite. There is a recommendation section that gives you the ability to send a request for a recommendation or to give one. Having recommendations will highlight your abilities, who you are professionally and give contacts the ability to know what it is like to work with both you and your organization. Finally, post everything from helpful links, industry articles, and videos that can educate your LinkedIn connections on what you do. This keeps you in front of your contacts with relevant information and positions you to secure new business. For example, a contact reads one of your posts, thinks of a client that could benefit from such knowledge, understands the value to their client, now knows you have knowledge in that subject area, introduces you to that client and now you have a new customer. Think it can’t happen? I dare you to try it! Scott is has years of experience in business development. He represents CS3 with our Intacct, Sage 100 ERP and Sage HRMS payroll and HR solutions.

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