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Beowolf and Value
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Jessica Morency and I attended Sage Sales Academy on June 14th to 16th in Atlanta. I’ve attended four sales training programs like this in my career but the last one was in 2006. This was the most useful of the four. I was really impressed with the instructors Dave Knorr and Cheryl Masseth from LDK Consulting. I probably wouldn’t say that any of the concepts were brand new to me however I am further along in my career now and I can really see how to apply these skills in real-life opportunities.


LDK uses a Beowulf analogy to describe and teach the importance of qualifying to real value. If you know the poem then you know that the hero Beowulf has to swim to the bottom of the lake to slay the monster Grendel’s mother. The bottom of the lake is the metaphor for real dollar value in the sales opportunity. This was one of the big takeaways for me. CS3 will never ask a client to invest more than the value they receive from our solutions.

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