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August Employees of the Month
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It seems August was a great month for employees exhibiting great characteristics in serving our customers. The management team simply could not narrow down the winners, so we have THREE Employees of the Month. I am very excited to announce the following three winners in alphabetical order.

#1 Tina Crouch 
Know Your Audience! Know to whom you are speaking. Treat everyone’s time and position with respect

We want to recognize and congratulate Tina Crouch as employee of the month for August based on our Service Pillar “Know Your Audience”. Anxiety about public speaking has created a huge market for coaching, classes, and thousands of how-to books. Tina, who is one of our millennial employees, has found her stride with sharing information to large audiences. Her daily responsibilities normally keep her “behind the scenes” with the management of all our social media, content generation and marketing support. But she willingly accepted the opportunity to talk about how social media can be used to establish your reputation in your business community

Tina presented “Your Personal Branding Through Thought Leadership” to the Tulsa Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI) July. She was so well received that the Oklahoma City Chapter of PMI has asked her to present the same topic for their group.

Thanks Tina for not only stepping up to the mic, but creating a great presentation that resonated perfectly with your audience.

#2 Linda Hollingsworth

Focus on Delivering Value – Everything you do for a client should provide a return on their investment. Just because you CAN do something does not mean that you SHOULD.

I want to nominate Linda Hollingsworth for employee of the month for continuing work to improve her ability to recognize change in CS3 projects. As project manager, Linda helps to keep all CS3’s projects in scope, on time, and on budget. It is a tough job to keep not only the customers but also CS3 employees in step and moving at a similar pace toward the goal line. Recognizing that there has been a change in scope, time, and/or budget and issuing a change order is a key part of her job – but a really tough part. Changes can be caused by CS3, the customer, or outside forces like mother nature are: unplanned for resource issue that causes a delay in go live; needing more help than planned; unknown or unplanned for processes or procedures that are identified during testing; issues identified during testing that require further tests; storms, power outages, network or machine issues; and etc. Sometimes the hardest part of her job is finding a change that she needs to report. When she finds those changes she has to help determine the value of making the change with the customer and CS3 and get all parties to decide if it is a necessary change.

#3 Rhonda Siex

Focus on Delivering Value and Demonstrate Success

We want to recognize Rhonda Siex for employee of the month for her dedication to CS3 as well as her initiative, drive, and fantastic attitude! Rhonda has shown both initiative and success in taking the lead on upgrading a large number of clients to HRMS 2017. In addition, she took over as lead on the AEDD Migration project and has done a wonderful job working with the client and assuring that the transition is successful.

While working on those projects, Rhonda has also successfully passed her Sage Certifications in a record amount of time and she is always willing to jump in and assist the team. Rhonda, we appreciate your stellar work ethic and commitment to the HCM team as well as to CS3!

Keep up the great work team!!!

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