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August's “Spend Money As IF It Were Your Own” 18 Essential Behavior Winner
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Congratulations to

Melanie Laster, Community Action Project. (applause, applause, applause, applause) Spending the companies money like your own is about good stewardship. I have been working on a project with Melanie Laster, Controller for Community Action Project of Tulsa County, closely over the past year. Melanie's vision for the project has been the reworking of the accounting systems to provide more efficient operations and at the same time to increase the communication and sharing of knowledge throughout the organization with a web based procurement system. To kick off the project, a return on investment was performed for the various options available. Based on the financial impact, priorities were set allowing the organization to spend on meaningful improvements. The investments have resulted in a better purchasing process with managerial approval. The resulting information is then shared with the accounting systems and improves efficiency. Melanie has done a great job of spending the employer's money like her own. Congratulations Melanie!

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