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Are your customers RAVING FANS?
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I had the pleasure of attending Sage Summit last week in Washington D.C. As usual, the conference was full of great information about specific products such as Sage 100 (MAS 90) and Sage HRMS (Abra). But I personally found a session on client satisfaction to provide the best “take away” from the conference. CS3 continually works at improving our processes: ways to make the implementations move smoothly, ways to build communication with project management, ways to improve the sales process by exhaustive discovery. The one thing we have not been doing on a consistent basis is soliciting our clients’ feedback. We all know this: Do not make assumptions, ask the right questions. It is crucial that we poll our clients routinely to get their assessment on the quality of us as a vendor. Otherwise, improvements you may decide to make to your organization may not yield any perceived improvement by your client. The speaker at the session I attended is an advocate of the Net Promoter System. This system basically divides your clients into three categories after polling: 1) Promoters - loyal enthusiasts, 2) Passives - satisfied clients but could be wooed by the competition, and 3) Detractors, unhappy clients. Check out this website for more information Net Promoter SystemSeems simple and logical enough! Just make the time and set this as a priority. Aren’t our clients worth it? You bet!

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