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Are you working overtime JUST to keep up with your overtime?
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The new Department of Labor overtime rules not only require employers to review their employees for exempt status changes, but as a result of that, they will also need to do an immediate and comprehensive review of their time collection policies, processes and systems.



With the December 1, 2016 deadline in the not so distant future, you’ll want to make sure you have time to review your current system and make changes if needed. If you find it lacking, you’ll need time to shop around for a new system. Depending upon the complexity of your needs and the bandwidth you have to implement a new system, you’ll also have to consider the time it will take to fully implement and train your staff on its use. Not to mention, publishers are going to be inundated with new requests from employers like yourself needing to get this done before December, so time is really of the essence.


A lot of employers I’ve talked with use Excel or other manual timekeeping systems for time management which is not without its merits for employers with a smaller population of non-exempt employees, but when you start to consider adding more employees to that manual time tracking, approvals and data entry process, what happens? What today seems manageable, quickly becomes unmanageable and you may end up working overtime just to keep up with your overtime.


To help you evaluate your current system and educate you on what’s possible if you aren’t using a timekeeping system today, here are some things to look for:


  • Ease of use for collecting time. Remember, reclassified workers will—perhaps for the first time in their careers—have to track their start times, end times, break times and meal times. Whether it be with physical clocks, web-based time punch, mobile device time punch or telephony, having easy access will make adhering to new policies easier and can help ensure accuracy.
  • Automated Overtime Reporting. If you don’t have this now – you need to get it. This will be your best friend. Not only will it save you time by generating real-time overtime reporting, but knowing who is close to reaching overtime before they actually do can save your company money by reducing or eliminating unnecessary overtime. This, in and of itself, may cost-justify implementing a new system.
  • Flexibility. This one is important. For as many standard needs for time collection that all employers have, I have heard just as many unique needs from clients. This may be a time of change for your organization as you discuss how you’ll handle work from home time, mobile device use, time off policies. Is your current system able to handle the changes?


Having a system in place that will address at least these 3 key areas will certainly help make the transition to the new regulations that much easier for you and your employees. For more information on the timekeeping options available from CS3 Technology, please visit our website here.

o read more from our team about the DOL overtime rules, we have a blog here and a white paper here


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