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Are you ever unplugged?
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Are you ever unplugged? Seriously, are you ever totally disconnected from everything electronic, and no, taking a shower doesn’t count? (By the way, having your cell phone in the bathroom during a steaming hot shower can be potentially as hard on it as getting it wet – I read that – it’s not personal experience.) What about when you are sleeping you ask? Well for me, even then, my phone or cell phone are still on and could ring at any moment. (I have an elderly parent so I never turn them off.) When I vacation, I take my laptop and so okay, yes I check even my work email periodically. I know, my own fault, but I might just miss something important. So where am I going with this? I discovered that the only time I am truly unplugged from my phone (texting email and the web,) my computer, etc, is when I am riding my motorcycle – and to be honest I was seriously thinking about getting one of those cool Bluetooth headsets for my helmet so even then I would not be unplugged. I changed my mind. I will not get one of those headsets for my helmet, because when I ride my motorcycle, I need all my senses focused, because other drivers are not. There are times like riding a motorcycle, playing with your baby, taking your elderly mother to dinner, etc. when you simply need to unplug, disconnect and focus on the rest of the world around you. With all the gadgets and apps available to us today this is really hard to do. But think of this – we might miss something really important if we don’t. Can you do it?

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