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Are we having fun yet?
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Work and Fun…not words that typically go together. In fact, they can really be at opposite ends of the spectrum in some cases. As the “Queen of Fun”, my job has been to try and meld those two things together with activities, surprises, tokens of appreciation, weird pictures of me in a bunny suit (remember last year around this time?). Sometimes I’m successful, other times I’m not (remember last year around this time?). I started thinking about my reign, and although it works for our size company to have one designated person do this, I think larger organizations need to expand on it a bit, maybe form a ‘fun committee’. I did some research on this and came up with a really good guideline for forming your own ‘fun committee’, from a book called Get Weird! 101 innovative ways to make your company a great place to work, by John Putzier. “Serving on a fun committee can be a fun endeavor, but the mission is a serious one. In fact, the committee should have a mission statement, such as, Our mission is to ensure that everyone in the organization enjoys his or her time at work to the greatest extent possible, while achieving and maintaining maximum productivity and effectiveness. Once the mission is established, the fun committee should be formed. It should meet at least once a month to discuss possible new themes, activities, or issues where it can inject some positive emotions around the seriousness of work. The committee could spearhead new contests or other initiatives that could keep the world of work at their organization fun and exciting. Ideally, the committee members should be temporary. Members should rotate off and new ones come on maybe twice a year or so. Keep people on long enough to produce and to get comfortable with the task and the team, but not so long that they become stale, bored, or frustrated with it. New brains mean new ideas! How you select your members can also be an exercise in creativity. Perhaps you can use a lottery, or make it an elected office, or even an honor. Whatever your method, make sure that being on the Fun Committee is as positive an experience as the environment the committee is trying to create for the organization at large.” If you don’t already have something like this in place, I encourage each of you to implement something along these lines…it can be as small as a Queen of Fun or as large as an entire kingdom to pull this off. Although we don’t need a full fun committee at CS3, I think I should at least ask for a Prince or Princess to add to my royal court.

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