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April's "Constantly Focus on Customer Value" 18 Essential Behavior Winner
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Congratulations to

David Garrison with Eureka Water Company (applause, applause, applause, applause) Here is what was submitted with David’s nomination: Customer value is the basis for all business. Two entities determine it is in their respective best interest to trade certain resources. Each entity must determine they are better off participating in the transaction than they would be if they did not participate. The resulting transaction is the process of conducting business. David Garrison spends his days evaluating this process for his employer. As an accountant for Eureka Water Company, Inc., David evaluates the needs of the business to run more effectively, to provide better information to the company's decisions makers and to discover costs which are not benefiting the organization. Situation: Recently, Sage Software determined they would offer their customers using Sage PFW the opportunity to acquire another Sage ERP product for free. David understood the offer could be an opportunity for his company. However, since the company had grown and changed since the original selection of Sage PFW, David understood the benefit of re-assessing the companies current requirements. David had a team of employees and contractors who had highly customized their system for route delivery management. Considering the cost of implementing the new ERP, and new development for their route delivery, the switch would still be a major investment. Solution: David determined it would be better to spend a few dollars to assess the organization's needs before committing to the costs of the full implementation. David and his team spent several weeks comparing Eureka's current business processes with the capabilities of the new ERP system. This defined the customization necessary not to replace the current system, but to build on the strengths of the new ERP resulting in a more effective system. In the end David focused on the real value to the organization. He understood the offer of "free software" could be beneficial, but carried out the steps to evaluate the true value to Eureka. Congratulations David for focusing on your customer's (Eureka Water Co., Inc.) value.

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