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by: Christine Luttrell


I spent the last 3 days hanging out with my coworkers at CS3 for our semi-annual company meeting. Our focus was primarily on a new customer satisfaction initiative called Raving Fans. I am constantly amazed at the knowledge, comradery and creativity of our entire team.

As I was flying home from the retreat, I thought about all we had discussed and ways to assure our customers feel special and always receive an extraordinary customer experience. I’ll be honest, I was tired and so ready to be home, so wasn’t putting a ton of effort in to it yet, although knew I had a bunch of work ahead of me to roll this out. One thought that DID pop in to my head was that it seems airlines don’t really care all that much about raving fan service. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised this time.

My flying experience started with an upgrade to first class. I fly first fairly regularly, so although nice, it wasn’t a big deal for me. Our flight attendant was friendly, helpful and made the short flight home very pleasant. Again, not all that surprised by this (although it seems more and more these days, service swings the other direction with American). What blew me away was a simple gesture that I have never experienced in all my years of flying. As we were preparing to land, the flight attendant came to each row and thanked us individually, by name along with a handshake. She was thanking US, even though she did all the work, for flying with American. She made me feel special. She gets it. American Airlines is lucky to have her on the front lines representing their brand.

This flight attendant helped me realize some of what I need to do with this initiative, so I extend a big “thanks” right back to her for the inspiration.

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