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AMA Luncheon and Smirk New Media
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by: Christina Crouch


Mike Koehler, CEO and founder of Smirk New Media, was the speaker at September's American Marketing Association luncheon. As soon as I saw the promotional emails for this month's speaker, I was excited. He did not disappoint, and went through several social media rules.


Rule No. 0: All rules are subject to change.


That is the truth about social media. Everything constantly changes, so you must adapt with it. The other truth about social media is that companies cannot avoid it. There are 2.4 million users on Facebook in Oklahoma alone. On average, those 2.4 million users spend 3 hours per day on social media. This makes social strategy something everyone must have.


I've had several conversations along this line with coworkers in the last six months: What's the first thing you do when looking up a new business? I personally look up nearly every new business I might interact with on social media... And I did this before I was a social media manager. Studies show that I am not alone - the first thing people do when they hear your business name is look you up.


Consistency is key.


When people look you up, you don't want them to see your post from three months ago. You want them to see a post from the past 48 hours, at least. I might be tempted to think you've gone out of business if you have a Facebook page or Twitter profile but haven't posted in months. Another great reason to be consistent in your post timing and quality is SEO.


Google and Facebook are both rewarding quality content.


Mike's process for content and consistency is this: choose your audience, then your platform, then your content. Despite what you may think at first - everyone has relevant content to share. Look at CS3's blog and our white paper resource page - as a B2B company we're still interacting with people who have questions that need to be answered. People want answers, transparency, and a connection with other people on the other end of their screens.


Content should be VALUE.


Remember Google and Facebook reward quality content. Part of quality means adapting what you are posting to the platform you are posting on. Each platform has it's own personality. On Facebook, post native videos. Boost your events. On Twitter, target your competitor's audiences. On LinkedIn, advertise and target by job title. 


And remember: Mobile, mobile, mobile.


Everything is mobile now. Even business emails are most likely to be read from a mobile device instead of a desktop screen.


September's AMA meeting left me with a lot to think about! Click here to learn more about the Tulsa Chapter of the AMA. Click here to learn more about Mike Koehler and Smirk New Media.   

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