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AMA July 2015 Luncheon: Lead Nurturing and Generation
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Lead Nurturing and Lead Generation

by: Sheri Blaho

This months meeting at the Tulsa Chapter of AMA included Jim Greenway as our guest speaker. Jim is with T.D. Williamson here in Tulsa. He included a couple of case studies of successful lead generation and lead nurturing they have done at this firm.

He pointed out three problems that need to be address at the onset and then you can build your plans:

  • 1. Customer Perception – you must have customer facing, customer focused messaging. Never lead with what you do, but rather with the problem the customer needs to solve.
  • 2. Assumptions – a false assumption that quantity brings in more leads. Focus on quality, not quantity.
  • 3. Obsession About Numbers – a large lead database does not mean they are sales ready.

He also pointed out that Google Analytics is scoring EXTREMELY high on websites that are mobile ready and conversely those that are not will fall low on the search engines. Being mobile ready is also important because statistics are not showing at 41% of conversions from websites are coming from cell phones and other devices. Only 32% are coming from personal computers.

Once again AMA found an outstanding guest speaker.

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