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AMA January 2016 - LinkedIn Simplified
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by: Christina Crouch

The January meeting for the Tulsa Chapter of the American Marketing Association hosted speaker Michelle LeBlanc from Blue Sky Marketing. She started Blue Sky after a connection noticed her on LinkedIn, and runs LinkedIn workshops in addition to her agency's other work.

For anyone who has not yet learned to navigate LinkedIn smoothly, Michelle advises you to "love the gear, and love yourself." There is a gear icon that gives you all the options you could need to edit settings, and the small image thumbnail of your profile picture in the top right hand corner gives you a navigation dropdown.

The theme of the meeting was relationship marketing. People must remember, LinkedIn is still a social network, even if it is more formal than Facebook. You wouldn't recite your resume word for word to someone you just met at a networking event in person, so why would you have a LinkedIn profile that only has keyword-packed, stilted bullet points? It is okay - and even preferred - to show a little personality in your LinkedIn profile! 

Even for B2B businesses, you're still dealing with humans. Think of all business as H2H - human to human! It's easier, and more pleasant, to network with people instead of resumes. And then, you'll have a larger, more connected network to utilize when you need it!

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