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ADP vs. HRMS: A Client Perspective
Published on by Holly Novak in Human Resources, White Papers


I have been in the human resource world for 13+ years from an HR Specialist to the Manager of HRIS, then most recently to the Sr. VP for Human Resources for a large non-profit organization. Throughout that time, I have used a plethora of human resource management solutions from the old school Excel spreadsheet method to a robust HRMS system. I will testify that there is a huge difference between the pain level and ability to function efficiently depending on the system you choose. In my role as the Sr. VP for Human Resources for over 500 employees, we went through two implementations for a new HRMS system over the past 5 years – ADP and then most recently Sage HRMS with CS3 Technology. Those experiences were eye opening from the beginning of implementation to the end product. I’d like to take some time to walk through those experiences from a client perspective and give you the pros and cons of both systems. 


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