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Acumatica Summit - The Greatest Cloud ERP ever!
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By: Sheri Blaho


I just finished my two day conference with Acumatica in Denver.  Now I roll into 3 days of sales training with the Acumatica team and I can hardly wait.


These two days confirmed everything we have learned about the product so far.  Their technology and delivery far exceeds what the other SaaS products are bringing to the market.  Functionally, they stand toe-to-toe with all the existing mid-market ERP solutions (the old legacy products) and FAR exceed the cloud competition. 


It was great to see how large the ecosystem is.  There were many of the old names that have been the in ERP game for years that have adopted Acumatica:  Avalara and BizNet to name a couple.  They have two products in the ecosystem that I KNOW our clients and prospects are going to love.  M5 has developed a service and support product with equipment maintenance and route management.  JAAS has developed a manufacturing product called JAMS that is very sophisticated.


Well, more info to come as I move into my next few days here in Denver.


Get ready y'all.......Acumatica is just AWESOME.  Please check out the Sneak Preview Demoon the CS3 website.  I think you will simply be amazed.

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