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Acumatica Summit: Technology and ROI
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by: Gary Crouch

I just returned for the Acumatica Users’ Conference this week. In addition to the two days of general news and presentations, there are three days of technical training that occurs as well. There were several great announcements which would only matter if you either own or are considering Acumatica in the near future. However, there were several good points made which I believe would be of interest regardless of the product you use.

If you believe the right technology can provide your business with a strategic advantage, then the review of newer technologies should occur periodically. Bleeding edge technology is often too risky. Sticking with really old technology allows your competitors who update their technology periodically to have the strategic advantage. When a balance is struck as new technology becomes more mainstream and the initial disadvantages are resolved it is time to consider the tech.

The more recent technology thrust at businesses today are web based cloud products. Initially the technology had questionable security and was difficult to use on multiple platforms. Today those issues are mostly resolved. Security provided by the best offerings is far superior to the security available to individual companies. By spreading the costs among hundreds of entities, the cloud companies are providing superior security at a reasonable costs.

The original use of browsers for these cloud solutions was often difficult. The early adopters were required to use specific browsers and often specific versions to avoid issues. Today newer standards for web communications allow data and transactions screens to be loaded by most relevant browsers and are even usable on the majority of smart devices whether phones or tablets. This opens the availability of these important tools on an anywhere – anytime basis. Especially important are in-the-field availability applications.

Finally, a very important consideration in the best utilization of these advantages is how they are applied. For the best application, tools are most effective when they are built with the technology at the core. In other words, the systems are built from the ground up utilizing every aspect of the technology. It is very difficult taking old code and trying to make it work with newer technology. In order to maintain that strategic advantage, at times it is necessary to start fresh. Obsolesense is a fact of our existence. Investing at appropriate times will make your business more effective and more profitable – a true Return on Investment!

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